To The IYC Community,

There are many who would say this is not needed and even more who would say it is. I agree with the second opinion.
With that, here I am, the certifiable “crazy insane cunt”, baring a little in the hope it is read as genuinely as it is felt.

At some point in time I slipped from the tolerable grumpy cunt we all knew, into the spiralling hateful thing I became.
There was no black, white or grey left in that mind, just an always searing decades old demon fuelled red of rage.

I treated many of you poorly. I ceased to listen. I ceased to care. I took away your home like it never meant anything, when I always knew it did, even to a few.
I put you second when you had always come first before. I did the exact opposite of what I had done for all those years prior.

I am sorry for my behaviour. Not a single person deserved to be treated in such a way. Love me or hate me, it was your home and I had no right to take it away the way I did.

I do not expect this apology to fix anything, to bring people back or make myself feel “better”.

But you deserve it, and now you have it.