Who We Are

The International Yiff Center, also known as IYC, is a furry community located in Linden Labs’ Second Life. IYC served as a social hub for the SL and international furry community, welcoming all sexual orientations and also played a role as host for major events and live entertainment. IYC has spent the last 8 years as a (mostly) grid crushing club community and has now ventured into a more laid back, fun side of grid life. IYC still offers a Lounge in the sky for members who enjoy social interaction, the aim isn’t to be a 24/7 juggernaut any longer. IYC has always been predominantly a social based venue which offers more than it’s name may imply. The IYC main sim is the core of the community which also includes a Sandbox, Beaches , Surfing, Residential sims, Shopping and Adult rated public and private zones.

IYC is a non-profit volunteer community.

Our Mission Statement

The purpose of IYC is simple and transparent:

To provide quality entertainment, a sense of home and a sense of community for all, furry or not. To provide a place to live, laugh and party with friends. A place to hold that special someone when distance otherwise denies you. IYC is about loyalty, friendship, work ethic and skill.

=IYC= It’s Your Community.

Our Longevity

We are a little grey around the muzzle and have all the bumps, bruises and battle scars that come from years of hard work and service. That is to be expected when real people, real cultures and real minds collide. IYC isn’t a souless, silent camping ground pretending to be awesome. It is a living breathing beast with a heart and a soul and a purpose. It is a home and a family, not simply a venue. Suffice to say, this all makes it truly awesome!

So when you visit IYC next, take a moment to remember these very important facts:

When IYC Staff entertain you..
When IYC Security bounce idiots to protect you..
When IYC Managers & Supervisors assist you and our staff at all hours day and night..

They do it out of a genuine desire to make you happy. A desire to be a part of something bigger. They aren’t paid to smile and pretend they enjoy your company, they simply do.

And that is what makes


I am proud to have been in a business that gives pleasure, creates beauty, and awakens our conscience, arouses compassion, and perhaps most importantly, gives millions a respite from our so violent world. –Audrey Hepburn

OK so maybe not millions, but the same thing applies. Enjoy.

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